EG Products, Inc. recognized the need for weather protection designed specifically for natural gas venting applications in the 1960’s. This led to the development of a series of products that continue to serve the industry today, whether for transmission, storage, distribution or end usage. These products have consistently demonstrated their protection capability as they also incorporate special design and features that address unique safety requirements.
A number of our products and their features have been developed over the years from input from our customers. Operations and engineering personnel are on the front line of transporting and holding this ever more valuable commodity. Therefore, EG Products, Inc. continues to solicit your input on new ways that we can continue to serve your needs.
We have persisted in our commitment to customer service, technical support, product development and timely shipments. We have maintained our direct accessibility through phone, fax and email communications as well as our website presentations. Our pricing has kept pace during these challenging economic times as our contribution to our customer’s profitability.
As EG Products, Inc. embarks on our second half century of service to the Natural Gas Industry, we thank our customers for their loyalty and promise a continued dedication to those in the industry who we may serve in the future.


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