EG Products has been providing quality products and service for more than half a century. We are here today to serve you and look forward to building on this partnership for the future of the industry.
Founded in 1965 by an engineer, James E. Thrush, who understood the need for weather protection in the natural gas industry.  We are your go to source for weather caps, weather socks, vent caps, wooden plugs and pop-tops.
Each of these products are manufactured in the United States with traditional attention to detail and modern quality control. Made from cast aluminum, with stainless steel parts, our weather caps, vent caps, and pop-tops are the best in the industry. Our weather socks and wooden plugs are hand made to insure they stand up to harsh weather. Our customers know they can depend on our products, find them reliable, and many of our customers have been with us since our founding.
As the Natural Gas Industry expands we have expanded our distribution to meet your growing needs. Please contact us to place an order.
Please look through our product listing. A price sheet is enclosed for your convenience.  Purchase orders can be emailed or faxed. We are happy to discuss our products and answer your questions. We can often turn around orders in three to seven days and are always willing to rush orders if you need them now.
Kimberly S. Thrush, President - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PO Box 10800 Peoria, IL 61612
309-692-0968 (office)
309-689-0600 (fax)